Tips for Buying Hospitality Carpet on a Budget

Choosing and buying new carpet is one of the most expensive and stressful decisions you will have to make for your property. Therefore, it is essential to educate yourself thoroughly to ensure that you purchase the carpet that meets all of your preferences and requirements. First, you must consider your budget since this can sometimes limit the type of fiber, total face weight, and style that are available within your set price range. Also, please do not associate low-priced carpet with low quality carpet just like you shouldn’t associate high-priced carpet with high quality carpet.

Once your budget has been established, you must decide on the fiber that will best suit your property. The most commonly used fibers are nylon and polypropylene with nylon being the most expensive of the two, significantly. There are pros and cons to both, nylon and polypropylene, and you should consider a few things while decideing which one is best suited for your property.

For lasting carpet, maybe even more important than the fiber itself, is the construction and style of the carpet. What would last longer, cut pile carpet tufted with nylon or cut  and loop tufted with polypropylene? One might think the nylon would easily outlast the polypropylene, but the cut and loop carpet would easily stand neck and neck with the nylon cut pile. Why? It’s simple. Carpet consisting of a minimum of 25% loop can last significantly longer compared to a carpet existing without any at all. For the sake of numbers, lets assume you are comparing nylon cut pile to polypropylene cut and loop, the nylon carpet could last anywhere from 5-8 years in medium to high traffic area and the polypropylene carpet could last anywhere from 4-7 years in medium to high traffic area.

Considering the price difference between these products and the not so different wear rate, the better investment for your property may be polypropylene.  Also, when considering which fiber is best for your property, you must consider where you will be installing and using your carpet. For public spaces and corridors with high traffic, the best option would most likely be a nylon carpet or a high-weight cut and loop polypropylene carpet. As for guest rooms, offices, or living quarters, polypropylene would be the best option for the value and longevity.


  • One of the best ways to make your carpet last longer, is to invest in padding. This will take pressure off the pile; thus, improving the longevity of your carpet.
  • Always investigate the manufacturer of your desired carpet. They should have no problem with supplying references upon your request.
  • Buying directly from the manufacturer is a great way to save money by cutting out the middle-man.
  • Carpet cove base is a great addition to carpet that will protect your walls from scuffs and  while also providing an aesthetic appeal to your property.
  • Polypropylene yarn is bleach proof, acid proof, and stain resistant. Even more durable than nylon!