Cove Base

hospitality carpet cover baseCarpet cove base is a quality and high-value replacement for traditional wood or vinyl cove base. Ideally suited for the hospitality industry, and often cut from the same carpet installed in the facility.

Special Features and Benefits of using Carpet Cove-Base

  • Carpet Cove Base – does Not scuff like vinyl base.
  • Carpet Cove Base – will make any room look and feel larger and more attractive.
  • Carpet Cove Base – is extremely easy and inexpensive to install.
  • Carpet Cove Base –¬† appeals to both the larger hotel chains and independent hotels/motels.
  • Carpet Cove Base – has a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the construction of the carpet cove base”.
  • Carpet Cove Base – can be made out of the same carpet on the floor of the room.

Kinsley produces carpet cove base in 4″, 5″, and 6″¬†widths. Pricing for our line of carpet cove base includes carpet and manufacturing.

Contact our customer service desk at 1-800-225-2948 for additional information including pricing and measuring.

Carpet Cove Base

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